Influencers who have a genuine Love for Fairy Girl can now earn a commission on referred sales as well as product bonuses.

You will have access to unique links for your website/blog as well as a unique coupon code to offer your audience 15% off our products (all will track back to your account for a percentage of the referred sales.)

We offer a tier based commission that rewards you with more as your referred sales add up:

10% for sales up to $500

12% for sales over $500

15% for sales over $1000

20% for sales over $5000

We also offer product bonuses as follows:

$300 in referred sales = we will supply you with the entire Liquid to Matte Lip Potion Collection 

$1000 in referred sales = we will supply you with a set of 12 Mineral Lipsticks

$2000 in referred sales = we will supply you with $200 more in products of your choosing

As new products are added to the line, we will continue to modify/make sure you are supplied with them.

If you would like to be a part of the program, please fill out the from below. You will receive an email with log in information to your dashboard within 48 hours.

Note: The link to this application will expire within one weeks time as space in this program is limited and will need to offer space to the next person.



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